The Ultimate Business Growth Event For Realtors 
Who Want to Grow Their Business

Ready To Take Control of Your Real Estate Business’ Growth?
 Create a plan for your business in 2023 so you can take control and reach the growth potential
 that you know exists, regardless of any interest rate concerns.

November 11-12, 2022 - Dallas, Texas

You’ll Learn

  • How to maintain growth in your business during an economic recession
  • How to make your business stand out so that you can dominate your market
  • How to take charge of your company's growth so you don't feel overwhelmed and busy, but rather productive and successful
  • Techniques and secrets from the top 1% of business owners in our space
  • ​How to re-claim your company from the chaos so you can live the life of your dreams
  • ​Discover strategies from professionals who have already achieved what you want

And so much more!

The Solution to Your Success is here

While many Real Estate Professionals are unprepared for what's ahead, be proactive and take control of your job and life by being proactive.

Most Real Estate Agents and Brokers have been seeing incredible growth in their businesses that they’ve barely been able to keep up and they’ve done everything in their power to try to keep up with demand.

Often, just trying to keep up has meant that you’re sacrificing time with your friends and family and hoping that at some point you’ll be able to “catch up”.

The issue is that being so busy running your business has made it difficult to actually work on your business.

The results?

You have a company that is entirely reliant on you, and more significantly, relies on the market to continue growing.

You don’t have the systems that:
  • Create growth while giving you the freedom to not be involved in every decision and micromanage details
  • Deliver new clients in a consistent, reliable & affordable way
It doesn't have to be this way. You can build the company of your dreams by learning from people who have gone through what you're going through and applying the lessons they've learned.

At HSRA, we’ve curated the best entrepreneurs in the world who will show you what’s working today to get your business to where it needs to be, and you’ll learn all of this in just 2 days.

Check out our Summit Speakers!

Sharon Lechter is an entrepreneur, international speaker, best-selling author, mentor, philanthropist, licensed CPA for 35 years, and a Chartered Global Management Accountant. She is also a highly sought-after mentor who has worked with major brands like Disney and Time Warner. She even served two U.S Presidents as an advisor on financial literacy! Sharon will take the stage and speak to us about achieving her own infinite possibilities in life through gaining financial literacy, building investments, and creating personal wealth.
Jana Uselton is not only the creator of HSRA, but she is also the founder of Model My Home, which is one of the most successful staging companies in America. Jana uses her expertise and experience to instruct other company owners such as Home Stagers, Designers, and Short-Term Rental Hosts on how to establish a prosperous and expanding business.
Lisa Copeland has over 25 years of proven success. She is a strong female keynote speaker and business leader with a passion for brand and sales strategy innovation. She has used her experience and success as a pioneer in the automotive sector, to revolutionize the Real Estate industry and build one of the largest teams in the world. Lisa's gross revenue was approximately $50 million in the last 12 months. Lisa is an eXp ICON agent with 900+ representatives.
Zachary is the COO of Smart Real Estate Coach, bestselling author, co-host of Smart Real Estate Coach, and a partner in multiple businesses. He is beloved by students, associates, and an amazing husband to Kayla and children Remi and Bellamy. He is a prime example of being successful in business and at home.
John Kitchens is a highly sought-after coach for Real Estate Agents who want to build a business. John helps people become the best versions of themselves. He turns his clients' Real Estate practices into businesses, which gives them an actionable plan to get out of production and become the CEO and leader of their company.
Hollie Kitchens helps unknown entrepreneurs overcome lack of authority to expand their digital footprint. She is on a mission to help as many unknown entrepreneurs establish authority and embrace authenticity so that they expand their digital footprint and become the go-to in their marketplace.
The Owner of Sphere Rocket VA. Justin is dedicated to helping all industries learn and harness the power of a virtual assistant from start to finish. He has spoken live in over 35 states in 2019 alone to over 10,000+ real estate agents, Stagers, and Designers and coached some of the top agents in the industry. 
Barbara Schreihans is the founder and CEO of Your Tax Coach, the Creator of the Write Off Your LifeTM Course, and the voice behind the Life-Changing Money podcast. She is a brilliant tax strategist, business coach, and all-around master when it comes to finances.
Meron Gashu is a finance and accounting degree holder who ventured into the business world of Real Estate full-time in 2018. She has been helping people create wealth by building their Short-Term Rental portfolios.
Noble is the principal & co-founder of a hospitality brand, a Real Estate
Investor, and a multi-family syndicator. Over the past six years, he has grown a multi-7-figure business & portfolio of 42 doors across Texas. He has a diverse background spanning several years in hospitality, technology, sales, and marketing. Noble has worked with brands such as Marriott, Hilton, IHG, and more. 
TJ Tijani has a diverse portfolio and his extensive finance, business, and Real Estate experience set him apart from other coaches in this industry who may not have the same first-hand knowledge. In addition, TJ is an incredible consultant for arbitrage and Short-Term Rentals. TJ's business model now focuses on apartments and converting them into luxurious hotels.
Jeremy is an entrepreneur who proves you can really do it all. While serving as a Captain in the U.S. Army, Jeremy built a 40+ unit Short Term Rental company in just three years. With a booming Short-Term Rental business based in San Antonio, TX, he’s consulted nearly a hundred of other entrepreneurs to achieve for themselves the same kind of results he’s enjoying. 
Hana Latyn is the brains and founder of her successful Staging business, Euro Staging. She has over 10 years of experience in the Real Estate market and her business is based out of a 3,500-square-foot warehouse. Euro Staging offers services to three surrounding states and is able to stage up to 55 homes at any given time.
Barbara Heil-Sonneck's various business experiences - including working internationally with Fortune 500 and small companies, entrepreneurship, Real Estate Investing, and Design - plus her passion for travel have come together to form a powerful partnership with top Real Estate Agents.
Dawn Tucker will share her knowledge and wisdom regarding maximizing your business, growing your influence in the Real Estate industry, and becoming known as the expert in your field.
Deborah Plowden, founder, and CEO of Debonair Home Staging & Redesign LLC. She combines Staging and applies Design principles, as well as her own unique natural design talent, to every Staging project giving her clients maximum results such as offers in as little as one day, receiving multiple offers, and selling over list price.
Kara Woods is a Certified Home Staging Trainer. She is the founder of Stage to Move, an award-winning Home Staging and Design firm specializing in the luxury market. 
Kim Dombrowski founded Impressive Home Staging after leaving a Corporate IT Management career to follow her desire to help others in Real Estate and follow her passion for Design. Kim became a Certified Accredited Home Stager from Haverhill Institute of Home Staging & Design in 2010. 
Tatiana Mozerova is an HSRA member, with 10+ years of professional experience in residential Staging and Design Industry, Real Estate photography, and holds a Degree in Architectural Design and Construction.
Tatiana Murga is an HSRA member, with 10+ years of professional experience in marketing, sales, and finance in top Fortune 100 Companies and has a Degree in Business and Economics.
Sueann Badillo is the founder of Moxie Design Group. Her company is focused on luxury and sophisticated Design. She started her company to help her client's vision come to life, all while building meaningful relationships.
Mary Scalli has 20 years of experience in the Real Estate industry and is the owner of her own staging firm, which has become one of the most successful in the region. She's also an STR Host, and she especially enjoys using her skills to help homeowners get the highest return on their investment possible.
Christopher Linger and Maricela Soberanes are principals at Up Plex. They are accredited Real Estate Investors who have been Investing in Real Estate since 2006. Like many of their Investors, they started with a Small Rental portfolio. They slowly built a personal portfolio valued at 4.5M and started the disposing [selling] process in 2020 to transition into larger Commercial Real Estate/apartment syndications.
Jedidiah Wick is owner and operator of the ID7 Group, a brokerage of collaboration that facilitates the transformation of houses from acquisition to new ownership. His journey in to the world of Real Estate began in his youth when he entered the workforce through construction, helping build log homes in his hometown of Talkeetna, Alaska.
Paige Freeman is the Owner, Operator and all things in between of Twenty9 Designs, serving Lubbock, Texas and the surrounding area. She is a member of HSRA, RESA, and an HSR Certified Professional Home Stager and Redesigner. She is also a member of the West Texas Home Builders Association, which has included styling award-winning homes for the Parade of Homes.
Kristy Craig Anderson is the owner of Dwell Staging. As a child, she refused to play with Barbies but boasted an impressive collection of homemade Barbie furniture. She was a middle school assistant principal for years, but in her free time would encourage her friends to let her Redesign their houses. So she got certified in Home Staging and Design, filled a shelf in her garage with thrift store decor, and started Dwell Home Staging in 2014. Within months she was Staging full-time, hired 3 more Stagers, and got a small warehouse next door.

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